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Free Amenities at Your Cabin Rental: Fireflies!

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There are few things more magical on a summer evening in north Georgia than fireflies.  Catching them for a brief peak is easy entertainment for kids.  Sitting on a porch watching them float by in the cool of the evening is a prescription for relaxation.

Bokeh light of firefly in forest

When you have a bottom that blinks, as you might guess, there is more to the story. You know how male birds are often more colorful than females?  Turns out it is the male fireflies that are doing the blinking.  That’s right, it’s up to the males to impress the females in the firefly mating game.  Each male has his own special twist on the flash.  The female stays in the bushes watching the parade of males go by and decides which one has the right blink for her!

Did you know that fire flies aka “lightning bugs” are actually a type of beetle?  Looking at them up close you see the hard outer wings that hide another set of folded wings underneath.

Firefly on a child's finger

Like many of our native insects, numbers of fireflies are declining.  If you decide to catch some to observe, remember to let them go after a few minutes.

Many of our cabins are surrounded by woods.  Here are a few that have good places to see fireflies:

A Glimpse of Heaven

Buckhead Lodge

Chimney Mountain Chalet

Creekside Haven

Deer Creek at Sunset Peak

Mauldin Creek Cabin

Moose Creek Lodge


Sunset Chalet

Come enjoy a summer night in the mountains.  And keep a lookout for lightning bugs, just after sunset.

Firefly lady

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