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Free Amenities at Your Cabin Rental: Fireflies!

There are few things more magical on a summer evening in north Georgia than fireflies.  Catching them for a brief peak is easy entertainment for kids.  Sitting on a porch watching them float by in the cool of the evening is a prescription for relaxation.

Bokeh light of firefly in forest


Down-Time at your Georgia Cabin Rental

Teenage friends sit round a fire pit toasting marshmallows

Vacation getaways are inherently fun, but sometimes we try to jam too many things into our trip.  There is so much to do in our north Georgia backyard, but taking time to relax and just BE is so important.  Here are some ideas you might consider during your stay.


The Peaceful Road Less Traveled

Georgia cabin rentals are popular getaways for leaving worry and stress behind.  It’s easy to imagine the magic of the mountains…

Go outside.  Smell the fresh air.  Listen to the leaves moving in the breeze, the stream murmuring, the birds calling.  This is north Georgia.  In these ancient mountains you can relax into your stride.  YOUR stride.  Away from the stresses and struggles of daily life, you can remember what makes you tick.  This is why the mountains are calling you.  Wake up in the mountains