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Raven Cliffs Trail Hike

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Raven Cliffs Trail is located in Helen, Georgia near the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Raven Cliffs Trailhead is located off Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway. And scenic it is! Richard B. Russell winds around the mountain with several pull-offs for a fantastic vista of the mountains. The trail itself runs through a waterfall-filled valley with six major falls.


Trail Length and Surroundings

Raven Cliffs is a 6.6 mile hike (round trip), and gorgeous the entire hike! The trail itself is well kept, fairly flat, with only one rocky spot that might get slippery. One of our favorite parts about the Raven Cliffs trail is that the creek runs right beside most it. So the majority of the hike is accompanied by the peaceful sound of water running over rock.

Hike Level and Recommendations

The Raven Cliffs hike is fairly moderate. There are no really steep inclines, and it doesn’t start to ascend until you near the end. Though it is a moderate hike, make sure to bring water and a snack, maybe even lunch! We recommend wearing hiking boots and using a walking stick or walking pole. On this particular hike, we found it is easier to use one pole rather than two!

Enjoy all there is to do in and around Helen, including the Raven Cliffs Hike. Relax knowing you have a Georgia Mountain Rentals’ cabin waiting for your return. Remember you will always receive a 10% Repeat Guest Discount off the rental rate for any cabin, just remind us that you have stayed with us!


Monthly Hike Review

We made a couple of New Year’s resolutions here at Georgia Mountain Rentals. First on the list is the creation and sharing of the new GMR Monthly Hike Review. This is our way of keeping in touch with you and with nature! We will send you our personal review of a different hike each month, show you lots of pictures, as well as recommend supplies, apparel and accessories for each hike.


Your Perspective

Share your pictures! Sent us pictures that you take along your hike. We are creating online photo albums and a blog for each hike. We will post your images and give you credit for every photo you share with us!


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