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G·M·R Cus·tom·er Serv·ice (noun)

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cus·tom·er serv·ice noun. The assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.

At Georgia Mountain Rentals, we make it a priority! We stand out with our customer service. Reviews prove it. Each GMR family member is proud of it. We just wouldn’t have it any other way!

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What is GMR Customer Service? We say it starts with helping you find the perfect place for your weekend getaway, family reunion or vacation with friends. We make the first-time cabin rental process a breeze by explaining all the steps involved, from securing the reservation to checking-in to the property.

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While we don’t want to interrupt your stay, we do like to communicate to be sure everything is going well. A one-time courtesy call after your first night lets us know that you arrived safely. We love hearing about your stay and answer any questions you might have about the property or the area. Courtesy calls are our pride and joy at Georgia Mountain Rentals!

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There are a number of reasons we are dedicated to making your visit to the North Georgia Mountains a pleasant and memorable experience. This is home to us all. When you call Georgia Mountain Rentals, you are speaking to a person who is only minutes from downtown Helen. While some have families here for generations, many of our team moved to the area for the serenity and love of the environment. What better way to share what we love than to invite you to be our guests and help you to experience the same!


Because we eat, work and play here, we love to guide you to our favorite restaurants, steer you towards the same hiking trails and waterfalls we trek and keep you informed of any special events in the area. It’s all about making this vacation memorable and inviting you back for more!


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