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Down-Time at your Georgia Cabin Rental

Vacation getaways are inherently fun, but sometimes we try to jam too many things into our trip.  There is so much to do in our north Georgia backyard, but taking time to relax and just BE is so important.  Here are some ideas you might consider during your stay.

Cozy Winter Cabin Rentals

Get your cozy on!

Cabin life in winter is sure to warm you inside and out!  Imagine curling up in front of a fire, lounging in comfy clothes, drinking something cheery…  

Not a bad way to get away from life’s stresses. Maybe you’ll watch a movie, play a board game or read that book that’s been waiting for a while.

Maybe you will be inspired to go for a hike or a drive.  Or not.  But if you do there are so many beautiful winter views within a 30 minute drive!  Here are some nearby options:

Richard Russell Scenic Highway overlooks – Just 15 minutes from Helen, this beautiful drive passes through Rhododendron thickets, open vistas and when it’s cold enough, giant icicles hanging from rock faces.  There are several hiking options off the highway including Dukes Creek Falls, Raven Cliffs, the Appalachian Trail at Hog Pen Gap, and Tesnatee Gap.

Icicles forming on stones near Hog Pen Gap on Richard Russell Scenic Highway

Mount Yonah – The “sleeping bear” is a welcome sight when driving into Helen by way of Cleveland. The trail entrance is just off Highway 75. It is a 2.1 mile hike to the top. Along the way enjoy native evergreens and boulders. Some areas are steep but the hike is considered “moderate” overall. Once at the top you are up close and personal with rock outcrops and an incredible view. Enjoy seeing distant layers of mountains north of Helen but be alert, there are side trails with steep drop offs.

Mount Yonah Trail Head

Mount Yonah from a distance

Brasstown Bald – If you want to see as much of Georgia as possible from one place, Brasstown Bald is your pick!  From the parking area, the steep half mile trail leads to an observation tower that provides spectacular 360 degree views of north Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina!

Brasstown Bald

Back at the ranch… If you hike too much, it’s nice to come back to a jacuzzi or hot tub and let the water massage those achy muscles. Not into hiking? The hot tub does not judge.

Alpine Creek has a gas fireplace, jacuzzi and hot tub
Cherokee Ridge 6 has a gas fireplace and hot tub
Moose Creek Lodge has a wood fireplace, jacuzzi, and hot tub

Here are a few one bedroom picks with a wood burning fireplace and hot tub:

Autumn Ridge

Bear Hug

Hazel’s Hideaway

Moose Creek

Puppy Love

Woodland Waltz

And a few more one bedroom options with a gas operated fireplace and hot tub:

Alpine Creek

Cherokee Ridge 6  

Couples Retreat

Just the Two of Us

There are also many cabin options that are larger than 1 bedroom with fireplaces and hot tubs.  Bring your family and make some warm winter memories telling stories by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, playing cards.  Get cozy and enjoy simple togetherness.  

Free Amenities at Your Cabin Rental: Fireflies!

There are few things more magical on a summer evening in north Georgia than fireflies.  Catching them for a brief peak is easy entertainment for kids.  Sitting on a porch watching them float by in the cool of the evening is a prescription for relaxation.

The Peaceful Road Less Traveled

Georgia cabin rentals are popular getaways for leaving worry and stress behind.  It’s easy to imagine the magic of the mountains…

Go outside.  Smell the fresh air.  Listen to the leaves moving in the breeze, the stream murmuring, the birds calling.  This is north Georgia.  In these ancient mountains you can relax into your stride.  YOUR stride.  Away from the stresses and struggles of daily life, you can remember what makes you tick.  This is why the mountains are calling you.  Wake up in the mountains


Raven Cliffs Trail Hike

Raven Cliffs Trail is located in Helen, Georgia near the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Raven Cliffs Trailhead is located off Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway. And scenic it is! Richard B. Russell winds around the mountain with several pull-offs for a fantastic vista of the mountains. The trail itself runs through a waterfall-filled valley with six major falls.


More Xplor!e Fun

Just when we were having a good time, Xplorie got better! Read all about the new activities, then plan your stay with Georgia Mountain Rentals.  Most all Georgia Mountain Rental vacation rental properties include Xplor!e Activities. We are the only cabin rental company offering such excitement and adventure! (more…)

Trout Fishing the Hooch

Through Helen, North Georgia’s Alpine tourist town, the Chattahoochee gets heavy doses of hatchery trout on a regular basis. Access is good through most of Helen, with anglers fishing right through downtown. The river has already reached a decent size in this area and leaves plenty of open area for casting. The river bottom drops just enough to create good holding areas for trout. Just remember that in the summer, fishing in Helen has the added sport of dodging the recreational floaters in hot pink tubes.


The Sign Said…

A fun picture post of all the cabin signs I could find. Life is better at the cabin with Georgia Mountain Rentals! For your amusement….


G·M·R Cus·tom·er Serv·ice (noun)

cus·tom·er serv·ice noun. The assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.

At Georgia Mountain Rentals, we make it a priority! We stand out with our customer service. Reviews prove it. Each GMR family member is proud of it. We just wouldn’t have it any other way! (more…)

Studio Cabins for Two

We have several studio-style cabins at Georgia Mountain Rentals. A studio cabin consists of one single room plus a bathroom. The single room of the cabin functions as the kitchen, living room and bedroom. The kitchen area or “kitchenette” is sometimes divided from the main living area, or may simply be a counter and cabinets along one wall.


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